Todays Video Highlights! A fantastic video on teaching the 4-0 system of play. The 4-0 is a very difficult system to learn as all players MUST have the individual technique to command the ball and then they also MUST have an understanding of individual tactical play. I love the way the coaches are interacting with and guiding the players through the process. Training this system is a progression of the 3-1 whereby the PIVO or target player never separates from the line of 3 at maximum distance and all of the players become the PIVO as they take turns penetrating and subsequently rotating back to the line of 3. If you take a look at the 6:30 mark of the video you will clearly see the line of 3 and the penetrating player backing out in the classic ‘V’ run as the PIVO takes his place and becomes the new third player in the back line of 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxgrkkxuHEU Videos are archived at the Futsal Video Of The Week section below.

Youth Futsal Tournaments

February 17 Sat , 2018 Midwest Regional Futsal Championships Mason, OH Detail
February 16 Fri , 2018 4TH Annual KP Futsal Tournament Kalamazoo, MI Detail
February 16 Fri , 2018 4th Annual KP Futsal Tournament Kalamazoo, MI. Detail
February 16 Fri , 2018 USYF National Futsal Championships Gardner, KS Detail
February 13 Tue , 2018 NORTHEFUTSAL Inaugural International Invitational Weston, MA Detail

Adult Futsal Tournaments, COACHING & REFEREE EVENTS

February 08 Thu , 2018 U.S. Youth Futsal Level 3 Coaching Course Westford, MA Detail

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