City Futsal

    Full Name of Club or Academy: City FC

    City: Dallas


    Phone: 214 493 5736

    Director Name: Esteban Mariel

    How long have you been in business? 6 years

    What is your club/program philosophy? Foster individual, group and team development through futsal,with a continued love for the game.

    What ages, genders, levels, instructional programs, teams, tournament play, international travel, etc. do you undertake as a group. U6 - U17 boys/coed for both City FC teams and FDSP training. City FC teams play in local City Futsal year around leagues and tournaments, City Futsal/AAU regional tournaments, and USA Futsal National and International tournaments (Disney and Barcelona), Santos FC, Brazil yearly travel for training and games.

    What are your annual expectations of members, part-time members, drop-in programs, etc.? City FC = 100 team members - FDSP + Camps + Competition programs = 4000 participants

    What are your facilities? Currently Carrollton and Richardson locations, and as of March 2018 will relocate Richardson operations to Downtown Dallas Farmers market development.

    What about your coaching staff? 4 full time + 4 part time

    Tell Futsal Central something special, unique, different about your organization. - Futsal is our focus and train, play and run futsal programs 12 months out of the year.

    What soccer or futsal organizations are you affiliated with locally, nationally, internationally, etc.- sanction tournaments with AAU and support USA Futsal tournaments.

    Federico Mariel 
    Office: (214) 493-5736
    Cell: (214) 914-1047
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    No Youth Futsal Tournaments

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    August 04 Sat , 2018 2018 Professional Futsal Showcase St. Charles Detail

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